EEO Services

We offer a variety of EEO services from transactional work to consulting, training and employer assessments.

EEO Counseling

  • Our team is committed to helping clients resolve workplace disputes before they escalate into lawsuits. 
  • Our process adheres to the primary goals of the counseling stage in the federal EEO complaint process.
  • Our approach to counseling is to apply mediation and reconciliation techniques during the counseling process to result in a greater number of cases resolved during the counseling stage.

EEO Investigations

  • Our senior consultant is EEO certified and has over 25 years of experience investigating EEO complaints. 
  • Our investigations meet all regulatory requirements, and yield a thorough, impartial and appropriate factual record upon which the employer, legal counsel or EEOC can adjudicate the complaint. 
  • We work directly with legal counsel to do initial in-depth investigations, prepare reporting to counsel and provide witness testimony.

EEO Internal Assessments

  • Review of EEO policies (including all forms of communication to employees).
  • Review of current EEO pending complaint files.
  • Review trends in formal and informal complaint activity.
  • Frequency of claims and incidents raised in EEO complaints. 
  • Resolution efforts and their effectiveness.
  • Disposition of formal complaints.
  • Effectiveness of collaboration with employees, managers, union officials, Human Resources and Legal Counsel.

Most importantly, we assess your former incidents and make recommendations for pro-active steps to reduce EEO activity.